Contemporary Divan

Our contemporary divan bases come in 5 or 8 inches thickness and are coupled with a wide selection of headboard designs. Catering to the different needs, all bedframes can be upholstered in different materials depending on your choice. Choices of Stainless Steel or Solid Wood legs with various heights are also available to allow ease of getting up and down of your bed without adding strains on your joints.

Assemble Divan

Assembled divan bases, unlike our contemporary divan bases, are broken down into different pieces which are assembled directly at your place. Assembled divan bases allow King Size bedframes to have no centre dividers, which are usually unsightly and they come in 4, 8 and 10 inches thickness.

Storage Divan

With the understanding newer housing units are built more compact than in the past, we have added a new line of storage bedframes to cater to your needs for additional space. Safe and easy to lift, our storage bedframes use authentic German gas springs which are uniquely designed and engineered by Bansbach Easylift Germany. The features include shock absorber and dampers which help to prolong the lifespan of the wood structure as well as CeramPro® coating which ensures maximum rust and corrosion resistance of the piston rod.