The apparent disadvantages of polyester, a must have raw material in the textile industry, are their rough touch as well as its low absorption ability. Today, with the advanced Q-Dry&Soft technology, it has successfully transformed and has put an end to both disadvantages by enjoining powerful absorption and soft touch to polyester. The moisture management feature allows moisture to disperse over a larger area so that it dries faster. Furthermore, it has a anti-static function that prevents static from building up to help relieve stress and for a more comfortable sleep.

Advantages of Q-Dry&Soft mattress ticking

  • Perfect touch: The developed handle features of Q-Dry&Soft mattress ticking provide superior soft feel.
  • Moisture management: Q-Dry&Soft mattress ticking's superior hydrophility provides moisture management. This feature disperses moisture over a larger surface so it dries easier.
  • Anti-static: Developed anti-static feature prevents static build up on fibers for a more comfortable sleep environment.
  • Anti-stress: Keeps away the static electricity built up in the body to help relieve stress.
  • Easy to clean: A protective layer forms between the mattress ticking fibers to keep fabric dirt free easily.